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Will this work with windows 8.1?
Recent Question:
How do I reprogram the side mouse buttons? There isn't an option to do that in Windows 8.1
Questions with Most Recent Answers
How do I reprogram the side mouse buttons? There isn't an option to do that in Windows 8.1
What's "Darkfield Laser Tracking"?
How do I connect a wireless mouse to my iPad?

Customer Questions & Answers for
Wireless Optical Mouse with Micro Receiver

Powerful controls let you fly through large documents at hyper-speed, or navigate lists, slides, and image collections with click-to-click precision. The micro nano discretely plugs into your computer for instant access all the time and conveniently stores inside the mouse when you are on the go. The mouse includes a special button to select DPI between 500-1000, two programmable side buttons and a low power indicator.
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Questions & Answers for NEXXTECH Wireless Optical Mouse with Micro Receiver


Driver for nexxtech wireless mouse, model no: 2601113

The mouse installed automaticaly and works but there is no option to program the buttons. The mouse driver it uses is the one I replaced with this mouse (windows xp compatable).
asked 5 years, 3 months ago
on Wireless Optical Mouse with Micro Receiver
4 answers
answer 1
The buttons are preprogrammed to be 'Previous' and 'Forward' buttons for when you are browsing the internet.
answered 4 years, 7 months ago
 - Waterloo
answer 2
You can fix the options in the control panel for the mouse on windows.
answered 4 years, 8 months ago
 - Saint John, NB
answer 3
I have not tried to replace the button functions on this mouse, since I'm pretty satisfied with the functionality they came with. What OS are you using? I just checked, and I can't change mine, either (never wanted to).
answered 5 years ago
 - Cambridge
answer 4
We have recently received an updated driver for this mouse which should show as available to download from the "Parts" tab in the next couple of days. This driver should allow full programability of the additional buttons.
Customer Service
Customer Service
Best Answer
answered 5 years, 3 months ago
 - The Source

Is this a full size mouse?

asked 3 years, 7 months ago
 - Regina
on Wireless Optical Mouse with Micro Receiver
2 answers
answer 1
This is not a full size mouse. It is in the middle aka PERFECT. Not full not micro but medium. Think Papa/Momma/Baby bear. This mouse is Momma bear.
answered 2 years, 6 months ago
answer 2
The 3500 is a smaller, laptop sized mouse. I use a 4000 for work and home. It's medium sized but IMHO perfect for work/laptop combination.
answered 3 years ago
 - New Brunswick

NeXXtech Mouse 2601113 It is advertised it has two programmable buttons. I have no idea how to do so. Please help.

Control devices function does not identify the mouse and buttons
asked 3 years, 10 months ago
 - Montreal
on Wireless Optical Mouse with Micro Receiver
1 answer
answer 1
Right Click anywhere on your desktop that's open. A menu will pop up. Move your mouse to "personalize" and click that. Another menu pops up with many options. Choose the "Change Mouse Pointers" on the left and yet another menu comes up. At the very top of that menu click on "Set Point Settings". This is where you assign different tasks to your mouse buttons.
answered 2 years, 9 months ago
 - Calgary,AB.
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